The Antietam Valley Community Partnership (AVCP) was founded to improve the quality of life in the Antietam Valley, which includes the Boroughs of Mount Penn and Saint Lawrence, the Township of Lower Alsace, and the immediately surrounding area.

Though still in its formative stage, AVCP has big plans for enriching our community.  We are interested in improving access to quality community recreation for children and adults, as well as working to identify ways to “shine the light” on the many positive characteristics of the Antietam Valley.  We support community enrichment and economic development projects, especially those that impact the quality of life for families and residents.  Finally, we are committed to maintaining close working partnerships with other organizations in the community, including the Antietam Valley Recreation & Community Center, the Mount Penn Area Business Association, local sports leagues, religious organizations and other groups.

AVCP is governed by a board of directors with includes formal representation from each of the three municipalities in the area, as well as the Antietam School District.  Formal representation on the board allows each of those organizations to inform and cooperate with AVCP activities and plans.  The board has seats for 21 members, each of whom pledges to make a personal financial contribution to AVCP’s work.

One of AVCP’s main objectives is to build community in the Antietam Valley through the development of community events.  In September of 2011, AVCP successfully held a community-wide yard sale involving over 300 local families, and a Ringgold Band Concert and 9/11 Memorial ceremony which were both very well attended.  AVCP also partnered with the Mount Penn Area Business Association to hold a fabulous block party which was attended by over 1,000 area residents.  In December of that same year, we organized a Holiday reception and Tree Lighting ceremony at Carsonia Park for 200 local children and their parents.  Currently in the works are an Opera event at Anthony’s Trattoria on March 20, 2012, a Memorial Day celebration in May, and the second annual Community Yard Sale on September 15th.